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Our Mission

Our mission is to get you stronger, feeling better, and more confident in everyday life. We want to accomplish this by providing fun and varied workouts that allow you to push yourself amongst friends. Our greatest pride is seeing new members grow and make new friends...and talk smack to push each other to new gains.

Our team

Janelle Bott

I'd like to say I've been an athlete all my life, but there have been periods where I did nothing fitness related nor worked out. I did gymnastics from 8-13 and that has served as the base of my athletic abilities. After going through college and Grad School for Market Research, I eventually made it back home to Colorado and started at Colorado Krav Maga where I rediscovered my love for fitness and strength building. That led to discovering this wonderful new world of Obstacle Course Racing (OCR).

Mark Salvador

I have been an athlete all of my life. I grew up participating in various team and individual sports. Out of high school I joined the United States Army, completed Infantry School, and earned my Ranger Tab. From there I went on to Fort Hood where I was placed on Special Duty after earning a spot on the Post wrestling team. After I got out of the military, I went to school for Sports Medicine and worked with Denver Parks and Rec as a Recreation Instructor. I then fell in love with softball and for the next 20 years competed at the highest level around the country. Then I found Krav Maga and spent the next 8 years studying and becoming a Level IV Certified Instructor at Colorado Krav Maga. My passion for teaching led me to want to start back in the fitness area and my newly discovered love of obstacle racing made me want to make not only myself better, but to help others as well.

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