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Tips, Tricks, and Recos

  • Juice Plus+

​        - JP+ is simply organic, fully ripened fruits and vegetables that are dried, powdered and placed

          in capsules and gummies. We use these everyday and definitely notice when we don't. They

          also have some amazing vegan Omegas. Ask Coach Janelle for more information.

        - We use their PerformElite before races and their SustainElite during races. They also have a

          RecoverElite that works very well. You can't go wrong here. They have caffeine and caffeine

          free options and their CEO puts out very informative content.

        - ​​We also use Tailwind. It's great to support a local company and it tastes fantastic. We like to

          mix it with our SustainElite for long runs. You can find it online or at most local stores.

  • Vega Protein

​        - We've switched (back) to Vega protein. They often have good sales so make sure you sign up

          for the free member program.

  • e-Gels = Race Fuel

        - e-Gels are the best gel out there, we've eaten hundreds, literally. They are our go to for

          anything over 10 miles including the Ultra races. They are bigger than others and have more

          calories. They also have a lot less sugar and taste good. And they don't mess with my stomach.

        - Use this referral code and/or click this link

  • ​CBD Oil/Salve

        - ​A definite must have in our house. While we were originally against it, we've come to love the


        - Oil and Salve - we use Arcanum.

        - Salve - we use Nordic Goddess.

        - ​Honey Stinger is a local company who provides honey based products including honey,

          waffles, and energy bars.

  • Other stuff we tend to take: Beta Alanine, Beet Powder, Creatine.

Disclaimer: As with most things, you have to find what works for you. We are not Doctors or Medical Professionals just a couple of people listing  some of the things that we love.

Stuff you drink/eat/rub-on:

  • Shoes

​        - Altra all the way! We love the foot shaped toe box. It's amazing what happens to your form and

          running when you let your feet take their natural shape. And remember, you must have a solid inch of space

          between your toe and the edge of the shoe. Your toes should not touch the front of the

          shoe when running downhill. You do not need to have black toe nails. We have tried just about every

          style and wear them exclusively.

  • ​Compression Pants

       -  ​We love our 2XU MCS (muscle compression system) pants and shorts.

  • ​Sandbags

        - ​We are ambassadors for Brute Force because they are an amazing local company. Their products are

          top of the line and come with a fantastic warranty policy. Ask us for a 15% discount code.

        - You can also try out Cerus Fitness sandbags​. They too are local and they put on an amazing race. See


  • ​Running Packs

​        - OrangeMud packs are amazing! We use their Endurance Pack 2.0 all the time when we need a

          bladder of water. When just a small flask of water is needed and/or a pocket for your cell phone,

          they have an OCR pack that works fantastically.

  • ​Exercise Equipment

​        - The gym is full of Rep Fitness equipment. They are local and their equipment is a great value. You

          can also look to Simpson Fitness Supply in Arvada.

  • ​OCR Equipment

​        - Check out Force5 Equipment. They are a leader in OCR obstacles.

        - There are also a lot of small companies. Let us know what you are interested in and we can help you


  • ​Gloves

​          BleggMitts are amazing if you've always got cold hands. They are neoprene mittens that can be

          folded back to allow you to use your full hand for obstacles. You can get them through the

          Team Strength and Speed website.

Stuff you wear/train with:


  • There are so many races across the country (and globally) that you can participate in. This list is by no means exhaustive but will give you a great place to start.

  • Where to find out information about races and discounts:

​        - Mud Run Guide has a very comprehensive list as well as discount codes  -

        - OCR Buddy is an app that lists a ton of races

        - Colorado Obstacle Racers Facebook page. They are a great resource for any and all OCR

          races and they usually have an event page for all local races and most that are close.

  • ​What races are local?

        - ​CerusRuk and CerusLuv  are the best local events. And they are mandatory complete for

          the competitive waves.

        - Spartan, Tough Mudder, Rugged Maniac and Terrian Race all come to CO.

        - Abominable Run is more of a fun run with a few obstacles that takes place in February

          in Como, CO. It's a fun little race! 

        - You can also find races like Big Dog Brag, Muddy Princess, MS Muck Fest, and other short

          mud runs.

  • ​What races do you have to travel for?

        - North American Championship (NorAm)

        - World Championship (OCRWC)

        - ​Savage Race

        - Green Beret Challenge

        - Conquer the Gauntlet

        - Bonefrog Challenge

        - Indian Mud Run

        - Bermuda Triple Challenge

        - Frontline OCR​

        - You can find these and many more listed on Mud Run Guide and through the app

          OCR Buddy.

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