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FIT FOCR is proud to be a DEKA FIT affiliate founding member. 

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What is DEKA?

DEKA is creation of Spartan Race in their goal to positively impact 100 million lives through fitness. It is a test of fitness that all levels can complete consisting of 10 different zones.


Upcoming DEKA Events

How does it work?

There are 3 different lengths of DEKA fun, FIT, MILE and STRONG. While the all involve the same 10 stations, they differ in the amount of running that precedes each station.


Is the 10 zones with zero running in between.


Is the 10 zones preceded by a 160m run for a total 1 mile.


Is the super bowl of fitness with the 10 zones preceded by a 500m run for a total of 5k.

FIT FOCR will host DEKA STRONG and DEKA MILE events at the gym throughout the year. DEKA FIT events are larger events hosted by the DEKA crew at various locations throughout the country.

What are the 10 zones?

1 – 30 Alternating Reverse Lunges (33/55# RAM)

2 – 500m Row

3 – 20 Box Jump/Step Overs (24”)

4 – 25 Med Ball Sit-ups (14/20#)

5 – 500m Skierg

6 – 100m Farmer’s Carry (40/60# db/hand)

7 – 25 cal Assault Bike

8 – 20 Over the Shoulders/Wall Ball Overs (40/60# dead ball)

9 – 5x 10m Tank Push + Pull (level 2/3)

10 – 20 RAM Burpees (22/44# RAM)

Which one should you start with?

Any of them and all of them! If you’re looking to get some practice in, we typically do DEKA focused workouts on Fridays.

Where can I see the National Leaderboard or find more information?

For more information check out Here you can get more information on the zones and DEKA events around the country and also view the national leaderboard.

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