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FIT FOCR are pleased to welcome Ryan Atkins and Graham Roberts from to our fantastic facility to host a Winning Mindset Masterclass on 6th or 7th May 2023. 

The 3-hour Masterclass is designed to elevate your game from both the physical and mental aspects of performing at a high level in your chosen sport. The Nox Masterclass will:

  1. Help you find and unlock the secrets to success in the discipline you choose, be it Deka, Hyrox, Ultrarunning and Endurance or OCR

  2. Help you increase your ability to motivate yourself to perform

  3. Give you techniques and ways of thinking are proven to improve the performance you give and the placings you achieve

  4. Help you find more efficient ways of preparing, tackling and completing all physical obstacles


“I’ve found the confidence I knew I had but I could never use” 
(won Hyrox AG recently)

Ryan will be sharing with you the knowledge, experience and expertise that have led him to become one of the most accomplished athletes in sport, offering insights that will advance your physical capabilities beyond where you currently see them.

Ryan’s achievements include:

  • 2022 Spartan North American elite series winner

  • Multiple OCRWC podium finishes

  • 2nd at Spartan world champs

  • 6x winner of Worlds toughest Mudder

  • 2x winner of Spartan ultra WC

  • 2x winner of Spartan Games 

Coupled to this will be Graham’s powerful and practical approaches that unlock the secret strength which we all have, yet rarely tap into…your mindset. Combined they will help you elevate your game for the adventures that lie ahead.

Graham has worked with:

  • Ryan Atkins

  • Lindsay Webster - the most successful OCR athlete in history, current SkyRunning World Series Champion

  • Ian Hosek

  • Rea Kolbl - Spartan Ultra World Champion, US national Skimo champion) , Team Canada Adventure (2nd eco challenge 2019 ’the one on Amazon Prime)

  • Hyrox Winners

  • Deka Winners (both AG and Elite)

  • Professional Speedway Rider (Current Swedish National Champion)

  • Swimmers

  • Golfers

  • Cricketers

Considering the flexibility we all appreciate at weekends, we are offering 2 Nox Masterclasses for you to choose from, 5/6 AM or 5/6 PM, so choose a slot that works best for you. Each Masterclass has a max capacity of 30 people to give space and time for the growth of all attending, and spots will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Best not miss out on this unique opportunity to take your game to the next level.

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